— Факультет иностранных языков

12. She doesn’t like hot weather. Twenty-eight degrees (is/are) too warm for her.
13. The staff at school (is/are) not happy with their new working conditions.
14. Thirty thousand pounds (was/were) stolen in the robbery.
15. Two years (is/are) a long time to be without job.
16. Five miles (is/are) a long way to walk every day.
17. I need more money. Six pounds (is/are) not enough.
18. These species (is/are) very rare.
19. My hair (is/are) dark brown.
20. His watch (need/needs) repairing.
Test 9. Choose the correct form of the verb.
1. All of her belongings (was/were) in a suitcase.
2. Athletics (is/are) very popular nowadays.
3. Aerobics (do/does) people a lot of good.
4. Chocolate (makes/make) you put on weight.
5. Most people (enjoy/enjoys) Easter.
6. The money she makes (is/are) enough for her.
7. The police (is/are) looking for the murderer.
8. His good looks (get/gets) him what he wants.
9. The government (is/are) passing new laws.
10. Her knowledge of English (is/are) very good.
11. Measles, which (is/are) a children’s disease, (is/are) dangerous for adults.
12. The audience (was/were) given free tickets.
13. The economics (is/are) very interesting.
14. His death (was/were) a great shock.
15. Fish (is/are) easy to look after as pets.
16. Radio news (give/gives) us less information than television news.
17. The stairs to the ground floor (was/were) over there.
18. The information (was/were) very helpful.
19. His glass (is/are) on the table.
20. There (is/are) toast on the dish.

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