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Test 6. Fill in: is or are.

1. Your trousers _____ in the wardrobe.
2. Where______ his scissors?
3. There_____ a lecture on history today.
4. The shopping________ heavy.
5. Where_____ my gloves?
6. This information______ correct.
7. His hair_____ brown.
8. My socks_____ in the drawer.
9. Our furniture_____ very cheap.
10. His accommodation_____ luxurious.
11. Evidence_____ needed before the trial can continue.
12. The news_____ very exciting.
13. Mumps_____ a common illness among children.
14. My glasses_____ on the table.
15. Chinese_____ difficult to learn.
16. Where_____ the kitchen scales?
17. Billiards_____ a popular game.
18. His work_____ very interesting.
19. People_____ starving in some countries.
20. Education_____ the key to his success.
Test 7. Fill in: is or are.
1. Where_____ your trousers?
2. Could you tell me where_____ the scissors?
3. Tonight, there _____ athletics on TV.
4. Money_____ easy to spend and difficult to save.
5. Gloves_____ worn in cold weather.
6. This student’s knowledge_____ amazing.
7. Love_____ reason for much happiness.
8. This bread_____ stale.
9. Your jeans_____ on the chair.
10. His baggage_____ too heavy to carry.
11. Her advice _____ very interesting.
12. Mathematics_____ his favourite subject.
13. Measles_____ a common illness.
14. The glasses_____ on the table.
15. My sister’s hair_____ long.
16. Their bathroom scales_____ quite accurate.
17. Darts _____ a popular game in Britain.
18. This work_____ too hard.
19. People_____ unhappy with the new tax system.
20. The police_____ near.

Test 8. Choose the correct form of the verb.
1. Economics (is/are) his favourite subject.
2. The trousers he bought for her (doesn’t/don’t) fit her.
3. The police (want/wants) to interview men about the robbery.
4. Physics (was/were) my best subject at school.
5. Can I borrow your scissors? Mine (isn’t/aren’t) sharp enough.
6. The news (wasn’t/weren’t) as bad as we expected.
7. Where (does/do) your family live?
8. Four days (isn’t/aren’t) long enough for a good holiday.
9. He can’t find his binoculars. Do you know where (it is/they are)?
10. Do you think the people (is/are) happy with the government?
11. (Does/Do) the police know how the accident happened?

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