Academy Philosophy


It’s not just words. We — RUSSIAN PEOPLE got the best in the world of education, imbibed the «spirit» of the Soviet era. Our team is multinational and Russian intelligentsia, we include the intelligentsia of all Slavic peoples and nationalities of the former USSR. It always has been. Since ancient times, from the times of Kievan Rus, Vladimir the Great, Yaroslav the Wise, Ivan IV the Terrible, Catherine the Great, who arrived in Russia the unfortunate German girl (her entire dowry consisted of a chamber pot), she could become RUSSIAN, (realizing that it halt great happiness, she was six days after arrival in the Russian Orthodox Church adopted), and later the great.
Whoever do we, Russian people to brag by foreign diplomas? We saw their academy. In Germany, the academy called a vocational school (vocational school), most Germans can not write his name correctly, only 3% of the population has a university degree, and every second German does not literate. As the Russian peasant hundreds of years ago. The same pattern and in Britain. The hand does not rise to write (Great) Britain. As a child, we said: «… someone … that hurts.» Holland even the Germans call «garbage». Even worse is the case of the Ocean.
We are oriented to the east. The cradle of the world civilization. Here in the East comes a new day. Here, the sun rises and wakes up from the sleep of all life. Here, the development of science, arts, crafts. It is the kingdom of God, a positive start.
And here — the West: the sun hides behind the horizon. On Earth descend twilight gloom. Out of the darkness come to their bloody craft predators. In human society dominated by stupidity, greed, hatred, and robbery, as a logical end — death. This is the realm of Satan, the beginning of a negative.
We respect and love our history, culture and traditions. Russia, the CIS countries occupy the sixth part of the land on our planet. Our country is rich in great and wise people. We try to be like our ancestors. We call ourselves better. «

We bring people the light of knowledge. Only the educated, literate person can be truly free.

In April 2007, our company celebrated the 20th anniversary. During this time we have taken a certain place in the Ukrainian market. Our company is well known in Europe and in the world. Calling the company «the best», we have taken on more responsibility, and more than 20 years trying to match the name.

Sincerely, The «BEST»


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